Canada – part I

A bit over year ago me and a friend decided to partake in a trip to glorious mother Canada. Like we knew anything about Canada, except for it being big.

A year ago, that trip just started out. I took my camera as usual and snapped some photos. Here’s part I.
My editing hasn’t been consistent at all because I’m a lazy ass who’s been looking at these photos once a month.

Stars <3

First look at the streets of Toronto

More streets

Buildings at day

We hit up a local brewery. Evert enjoyed the beer, I ate hops. Nom.

Trying beer at local brewery- not me

I liked the lights

We found crazies.

Don’t do sports or Jesus don’t want ya

And some friends. Here’s one I met in Germany. She knew some of the local places.. like Sneaky Dee’s. Good thing she did.


No really, Sneaky D is the shiz

Depressing Canada , especially with Middle-Eastern dudes stinking in bed all day

The Eiffel Tower!



Ha-ha-happy holidays!


I liked these in the middle of the city

Some wrong jokes

Allmighty mother watches

Closest I’ve ever been to my idol

We visited a sciency place. It’s got science things and .. uhm.. an IMAX theatre with hubble-related movie! Woohoo!


Big IMAX film!

Tiny part of said film

More tower.

Buildings at night



I imagine this is parenting


Snow stuff WITH LASERS

Snow stuff without lasers 🙁

Having chosen for hostels for most of the trip, we got to know many different people. I might say, the best people. People you can’t even imagine.

And one of them is Jojo, our now-favourite Canada-based hyperactive Chinese friend! Big applause everyone!



I stole Jojos hat

More of them buildings



Kids disguised as birds


“I wonder if I can lift this”

Toronto from a distance

Dutchie on the right and yet to be conquered by Dutchies on the left

This hostel has a view

All looking good


Sneaky is where it’s at


More to come later! Parts II and III I suppose, maybe even IV. It’s like Star Wars, but chronological!

One thought on “Canada – part I

  1. Glad you like Canada my friend! Let me know if you come back. You should check out the rockies next time. I’ll let you know if I ever come to Europe 🙂

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