I’ve visited Bundaberg swiftly. In and out in about two days. A bit of party and a lot of being lazy or simply enduring the heat.

This is Nele. We studied together in college. We’ve had quite the different life since and she currently lives and works in Australia.

A few friends of her just got back from work.

And boy were they happy to have a free evening.

As I said, Easter.

Even the boys

We moved on to another venue. Apparently easter also means you get to dress up like.. Robert Plant?


For those about to rock.. you might at least pay your bills by playing generic parties.

Wicked girl. May have been on drugs.

Ah, the joy of being a backpacker!?

Morning :>

Healthy breakfast

Nothing better than sitting at a balcony and preaching to the choir about your empty bank account, eh

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