Stavanger / Preikestolen , November 2016


In a not too distant past.. more specifically, 10 months ago, I embarked on another work trip. This time the destination was a small office close to Stavanger, Norway. I didn’t make any photos of the office because that’s fairly boring. If I recall correctly, it didn’t even have pizza delivery. Meh.

Random night in Stavanger

It did have an oil museum. Because you know, Norway and the oil industry are buddies in a way. Most people in Stavanger apparently work in that field or something related to it. No amazing photos of the museum, but I can proudly say that I may be able to find my way out of a dark oil platform, with some bumps to the head.

After getting out I’d probably die in the water, but no need to be all pessimistic, right?

Kids hanging out at the oil-inspired playground

Stavanger has this cool monument, depicting three huge swords stuck into some rocks. Read the link if you want to know more, I just made a stupid selfie (gotta say, it’s an above-average selfie).

Me and some cool swords!

Evening fika

I actually befriended some people.

Not this fellow. He was just enjoying coffee.

I managed to get a full day off as well, which was necessary for my one planned trip: a hike to Preikestolen. Days are quite a bit shorter during winter and I didn’t feel like getting lost in the cold.

If you’ve never heard of Preikestolen, it’s basically just a big flat rock rising 600 meters straight above the sea. Nice drive! My rental car even had a heated steering wheel. Luxury. No cruise control though.. ūüôĀ

For those who want to be left alone

Ain’t no roads where we’re going

This part of the track was sketchy. Ice and sharp rocks everywhere.

Ah. Time for a …

Dat squat


Peeking over ūüôā

I think this was looking towards Stavanger. Them dots.

And as mentioned previously, days are short. The sun was setting by the time I returned. I encountered some Asians who were not even aware of this. Also, out of all 500 empty spots they had to park 10cm from my car door and nick it. SERIOUSLY

Look at that beautiful car. Look at it. All one litre too, I think. Vroom! All good things come to an end. By the next day I was flying out again.

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