New Zealand Day 4 – Driving and scenery – March 2016

More travelling abound. On the fourth day we got up early, flew over to the southern island, picked up one of the many colourful vans around and got driving. Given that by the time we got provisions, a good chunk of the day had already been spent.. we didn’t see all that much.

Early day , leaving the north Island and flying out to the South.

About 8 hours later. Having picked up the van and filling it with food. This is just a girl on her break.


What could have been a nice camping site, but we didn’t stay.

Campsite at the river

Lots’a travellers abound

Campsite at the river

Campsite at the river

We skipped this campsite, choosing to stop closer to our next days destination. Driving around, we also quickly got familiar with the ins and outs of the Jucy. Especially the gearbox.

Road scenery

These bends were less than ideal for our Toyota. Any tighter and the wheels lift off the ground. Any steeper road made the gearbox switch between first and second gear.. continuously

Some scenery and eventually, when it got dark, we parked our new home-on-the-road at a lake. There, we met a young German duo of lovers, in love with the art of photography, often featuring themselves.

Again, I enjoyed the sights. Looks like Sampo did too.

Sampo taking in the view

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