Victoria, towards Sydney – March 2017

I’m obviously running behind “schedule”, posting photos over a year after the facts.

Anyway, at some point me and my family split. I picked up a Camry which would be getting me around for most of the remaining trip. I had loads of time, a lot of distance to go, no specific schedule and some camping gear. First night I spent camping in some forest.
Some weird dude looked like he’d been stuck there for ages, having a car but no money for fuel…I gathered some maps and info, hopped from park to park, stopping wherever I deemed interesting.

Many nights were spent camping alone in large swaths of nature. Far from the general population but also far from being completely deserted. I didn’t need to see any cities, I could just enjoy the views. Though a few times, as light was fading, I had to give in and would land on a more densely populated camping area. The legs seen down here were on their way to some festival in Victoria, can’t remember which one. They planned two or three days to get there from Sydney.. Just to give you an idea of the distances involved. Didn’t take long for me to get near Kosciuszko NP, home to mount Kosciuszko: the highest point in Australia. Cold as well, I can tell you. The entire area is a ski resort, which was something I didn’t expect.

Somewhere in the park, on the way up, I parked the car, got my camping gear and started walking out. Supposedly there were several campsites available and I passed all those with too many people. This meant wading rivers, several times. Rivers with plenty of slippery, rounded rocks. Luckily I didn’t trip 🙂
I was rather alone once I got to that other campsite. Just .. me and a car. The owner of the car was out there fishing and doing his own thing, ignoring written rules. He was also former member of the Australian army and knew his survival techniques.  … and kind enough to transport me back to my car in the morning, saving me time I could use later on in the day. Here’s some photos taken during that morning drive back to the parking lot. After saying goodbyes, driving up the mountain, restocking some supplies and getting information.. I started hiking down/up/down/up/down/up towards the summit. I left rather late in the afternoon and arrived just in time as the sun was setting. I was told there’d be some “easy to recognise camping site” near the summit, but nope. With nothing remotely looking like a tent camp and temperatures noticeably falling, I set up camp in record time, ate and tried to sleep. Using all of the layers I brought with me was still rather cold.I did wake up several hours later to capture a photo of the night sky. Unfortunately it wasn’t as fancy as hoped.. I think moonlight had something to do with it. If you look hard, you’ll find my tent. 
The next morning I packed up again and went for the final steps to the summit, which was also windy. Great sky though.After that.. back onto windy roads and small villages. Story will continue.

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