Wallaman Falls, Straya, April 2017

Rather close to Townsville, close being Australian terms (160km), you can find the Wallaman falls: Australia’s “tallest single-drop waterfall”. If it wasn’t defined this specifically, it probably wouldn’t count.

It’s a long drive and there’s no cellphone reception. Oddly they do have a fixed phone installed. Probably because of that missing reception, the remote location and a good chance of slipping at the bottom of the falls.Anyway, I arrived the day before I would go out and walk down. I met and talked a bit to this French couple. They were on a multi-year stay, doing a ∞ loop around Australia, living in every kind of place it has to offer.Clouds covered us, rain fell as did the night. I ended up cooking/eating in the darkness. Not that I was alone, plenty of spider eyes surrounding me. In darkness you especially don’t know which ones are out to get you.

Morning came in way too early again because I’m still of the opinion that Australia is in the wrong timezone. Packed my wet tent and set off to the parking lot for the main attraction.
Boom. Time for a walk down.About halfway down the following sign was posted. I really would’ve preferred to know wearing shorts wasn’t advised BEFORE I couldn’t switch out any longer.
Quote: “The sting is extremely painful and symptoms can persist for several months.” MONTHS! Yup, it’s big. Time to go back up, takes up to an hour. Gotta watch for those leaves again.

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