Scandinavian trip – part 2 – Stockholm

After a few days of well-needed relaxation, being in nature and out of working life, I had to face reality again. This trip came forth out of the need to do an abroad visit, right?

So maybe my stay in Stockholm is .. under-documented? In reality I spent tuesday-monday sitting in an office for the majority of the time. Sometimes I’d join some others in dinner, but mostly I was inside configuring and/or testing stuff.
So there just wasn’t all that much to document. Even in 7 days.

Upon initial arrival I wanted to park my car somewhere where it could stay for 7 days. Turns out some of he online information is outdated and Stockholm doesn’t really let you do that. Turns out the cheapest option was moving the car a few blocks every day and buying a new ticket for the next 24 hours.
I drove quite far away to try an area which allows parking for up to 3 days. The machine rebooted every time I tried to pay. Fuck.

Crashing parking payment software

Local public transport is terrific, as expected from a Nordic country. And some adverts are nice to look at 🙂

Fun telecom advertising

Also in this week, the release of Kung Fury (check it out if you haven’t seen it yet). I contemplated taking a train to Umeå, joining the official release and party with actors, director … But looked for a local screening when I found out how much the train would cost me. Also, how much time. (and I don’t have 80s clothes lying around)

Luckily we found that local screening. A sort-of-restaurant which is equipped for movies. Great fun!

Kung Fury

That’s David Hasselhof in an 80’s-styled “home movie”.

Some more snaps while on the streets. Stockholm has a lot more to offer. One thing that’s invisible in these is the nature. Truly beautiful.


Oldtimers parade through Stockholm

Stockholm by night.. daily (or nightly) view from hotel

Dinner after dinner

Gamla stan, rainfall





Next up: driving towards Finland, and whatever lies on the path.

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