HORST, Holsbeek, September 2015

A friend won tickets to a music/art festival called HORST. He asked whether I wanted to join, I accepted the invitation.

He hadn’t been there before, neither had I. We didn’t quite know what to expect.

Art …

and music .20150912_17h22m_DSCF8757

I have to say the music wasn’t quite our taste. Most of it was very .. loungy. Made me sleep.
I didn’t know a single name.

The festival also organised guided tours around all of the installations and a few interviews with some of the artists. We may have been extremely unlucky, hours seemed to change without any notification as did locations. We found some of them though.

Given that the music couldn’t really please us, we tried to enjoy the lights. We had to wait for darkness. Once that arrived .. 🙂20150912_20h20m_DSCF8796 20150912_20h21m_DSCF8800 20150912_20h22m_DSCF8806 20150912_20h30m_DSCF8843 20150912_20h34m_DSCF8866 20150912_20h45m_DSCF8899 20150912_20h49m_DSCF8925 20150912_20h53m_DSCF8974 20150912_20h57m_DSCF8997 20150912_20h58m_DSCF8998

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