Scandinavian trip – Towards Lofoten

Updates are pretty slow. Oops. I wanted to select photos for one final post about the trip but … I just can’t choose.

It only took me five and half days from Sodankylä to home, Belgium. I don’t know the exact number of kilometers I have driven, but it’s at a minimum 3700. Doesn’t sound like much, but I was the only driver and most of the roads in Norway won’t let you go faster than 80kmph.
Between sleeping, eating, setting up and breaking down the tent, doing at least some stops here and there, figuring out ferry timetables and how to meet those, I pretty much was stuck in the drivers seat.

Again, I didn’t really plan all of this. Not having a working credit card didn’t help with things like tolls and/or ferries.

Despite having the feeling I was just driving, I have a ridiculous amount of photos.
I . just . can’t . choose .
So you’re getting the boatload 🙂 Here’s the drive from Sodankylä towards Lofoten.

View from a skiing hill. Pretty sure this was Levi

Up here it was pretty much me and the car. And trees.

Abandoned? garage

Open road and diminishing growth

Driving on these roads I wondered what’s the point of living there. What’s the point of maintaining these roads? If your point is to escape other people, that was easy to achieve hundreds of kilometers back. This is just barren land.

Icy water.

Once I got to Kilpisjärvi I had been driving for roughly 8 hours and had seen virtually no change in landscape for many hours. The route ahead didn’t look like it would change soon and Kilpisjärvi had a parking spot. I decided to sleep there.
It was near freezing and the ground wasn’t exactly smooth, so this was my first night sleeping in the car. I didn’t sleep very well. The next photo is taken close to midnight. Given the cloudy, murky weather there’s no real difference between day and night.

At Kilpisjärvi, pretty much midnight. Slept in the car here. Cold

At Kilpisjärvi

Apparently the lake is frozen until June, depending on the year. I was lucky to see it in non-solid state 🙂


At Kilpisjärvi

Past Kilpisjärvi, into Norway

Damn Norway. Wish I slept on this side of the border.


Very sober yet clever safety belt advertising

Safe to say Norway was a very welcome surprise in look. The last hundreds of kilometers in Finland were brown, grey and dead. Norway surprised me with green colours.

Typical view

at Narvik

I drove past Narvik but stopped for some photos of the lakes and mountains. The area surrounding Narvik had several monuments erected with information about WWII. Before reading about the history I had no clue this was actually sea water already. This made me realise how long Lofoten actually is.

Towards Lofoten

Towards Lofoten

Towards Lofoten

Towards Lofoten

More next time.

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