One night in Brisbane, Queensland, March 2017

Well, not really *one* night. Might’ve been two. And some daytime too.

When we arrived, a yearly sciency event was on its last legs. if I recall correctly, many of the stands had queues and/or you had to register for the talks. I’ve seen a tiny submarine-like science instruments studying water temperates which had been attacked by sharks. Good enough for me.
Anyway, here’s some kids.
Next day I went out to a small event organized by a local couchsurfer. BBQ by the shared swimming pool. Which ended in a bar, including a Dutch guy.And random people on the street who want me to go clubbing with them but.. eh. Instead I actually did surf a couch at one of these guys. I met them pissing in the river, what better people could you imagine? Oh yeah, the next morning I got into an Uber which was rammed into by someone else after a few hundred meters. Not my best Uber drive. No photos of that though.

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