Grampians, Victoria, February 2017

Back in March on the Australia stint, I was hanging out with my sister/parents for a bit and we stopped by the Grampians national park. What should’ve been a 3-day hike wasn’t as uninterrupted as thought due to among others, heat. Too much for me, anyway.

First stop: information from the visitor centre.And off. Both of these (above and below) are my sister. Posing with parents. Back towards a camping spot with the light levels dropping quickly. Highest peak of the day. Also the only place where we had phone reception and my sister could catch up with “happy birthday”s.
Second night already. I met with an older couple hiking in the area. While I can’t exactly remember their age, the man was quite old (80+) and walked the overland track in Tasmania a few years prior. Hats off.
Last day was very uneventful. Just steep paths and .. emus. Emus blocking the path a couple of hundred meters from the finish.Emus ūüôĀ

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