UK (London/Southampton/Brighton) , October 2017

My job has me travel sometimes. Usually over the weekend, sometimes longer, sometimes shorter. A few months back me and a couple of others had the pleasure of spending half a week locked up in a meeting room… in the UK!

And that’s really what it kind of comes down to. Day in, day out. Finish the job. I booked some extra days though.
Here’s one of my colleagues one evening, during another long day.

That’s about the only photo I got in the office. I also spent some time alone in another office about 30 minutes out, not getting into the specific room I thought I had to enter.
Ah, information is a thing.

We did eventually manage one evening out, walking past some of the usual attention-grabbing locations for a generic tourist. Once the job was done they all left, I stayed behind. I’d agreed to meet up with a wonderfull lass named Sophie, someone whose path crossed mine last May. She had an extra seat to fill at a BBC radio session and I could join. We met at a pleasant little coffee place. I honestly quite enjoyed the show. Never even knew live radio recordings like this were a thing. Hidden gem if you ask me.

The next day I indulged back into nerdiness, drooling on old computers of which only the historical importance now exceeds the worth of the metals they consist of. Oh, and rockets. Pew pew.Some random shots. Ooh ooh, I also checked out Les Misérables. Totally worth it. I kept playing the full 2.5hr soundtrack for a while after.

Next day, I headed out towards Southampton. A Belgian friend found love and now roams the streets there. She and her boyfriend showed me around. Lotsa strolling, drawing Trump, babbling, yadda yadda ūüôā

Time was flying by and I still didn’t get into an accident by car (stupid Brits driving on the wrong side). I had to get to the train by early evening, but had just about enough time left to fly by Brighton. Never having been there, I only knew that Instagram loves this place. Apparently plenty of peeps feel like this inspires them, I didn’t feel much. Maybe that’s down to me.
I didn’t get to do much more besides walking down to and up from the pier. So very typical shots here. And finally, a long drive back home. Mirror view already taken in France.

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