Medellin, December 2016

So, about half a year ago me and a few of my co-workers had to travel outside of our usual zone… In my case, I ended up working a couple of days in Mexico, then a quick trip to Medellin (Bogota was delayed) and a layover in New York.

I’ll get to Mexico/NYC later. Here’s Medellin.

I arrived quite late at night.. and tired. Luckily a taxi was arranged and on our way down into the valley we got a decent view of the city down below. I didn’t get any great photos, but.. yeah.

Driving into Medellin after landing – clearly after dark

2AM, finally got into the hotel. Yay.

Now, I just arrived from Mexico. According to original plans, this would be a quick stop in between Mexico city and Bogota. Sooo.. Unfortunately the first sunlight I saw was on Tuesday and I’d be flying out on Thursday. Not a lot of time for work and impressions.

Not a bad view though. Medellin has some green.

Dudes with a shotgun? Totally normal stuff.

Plenty of traffic and bikes :>

Despite the stories, jokes and warnings I ventured out on my second evening anyway. The first was spent messing with cables/learning Spanish. By this time it must’ve been Wednesday evening. Camera, phone, wallet.. I don’t even think I had a backpack with me.

Social peeps

Watching their kids play footsies

Traffic, yet again

Security and guns all around

Somewhere around this time I thought some guys on a motorcycle were scouting for a victim to rob. Luckily for me, they didn’t hang around long when I waited them out at a shop.

I walked up a random hill. Something on top attracted my attention

Again. I didn’t know this city, streets nor the language. Just walking as I please 🙂


Not bad..

After finding my way back down and into some sort of shopping area, I filled my tummy.. which had been rumbling for quite a while. And guess who didn’t have cash. Yeah..

Just had dinner and ran into this..

Once I gave up and was walking back towards the general direction of my hotel, I met a few youngsters sitting in the grass next to a foodtruck .. thing. Some even spoke English. Made my day 🙂 🙂 🙂

This is Estefania. She’s happy.

With an interesting backdrop.

And that’s the museum of modern art


Doge chillin out

On my way to New York.. I think

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