Koli national park, kesäkuu 2016

So.. Last June (2016) I did a camping trip in Finland, folllowed by a trip to Iceland. Here’s some photos of the Finland bit 🙂
Some photos may have an obviously different edit, but I left this lying around for a long while and just wanted to get it over with. Sorry-not-sorry.

I was accompanied by my friend Wilma during these few weeks.

Early morning, leaving Helsinki bus terminal

6 hours later we arrived in Joensuu, in splendid conditions

I was definitely being the smart guy.. packed some liquid soap in my bag which leaked all over the other contents. So one of the first tasks after arrival in Joensuu was to wash my clothes. Yay!

After a little while and buying food to cover our needs the next few days, we boarded a shared taxi and drove the last bit towards Koli national park. A short hike later, this was our first view.

Pretty good, even if I say so myself. And this was just the start! 🙂 No clue what was happening here. I suppose I must’ve felt the need to heat up my pants. We spent our first night here. Took me a moment to realise this sign wasn’t vandalized, no, we had to go up the rocks. “Should have slept here”. 13 months later, no clue why. Mosquitos maybe. notbad.jpg I think this was a poop house. A rad poop house! Sun “setting” at about 10PM.

Cosy homestead for the sheep herders – we got to use their sauna

Our original aim was to do a big walk.. but the loop extension provided us with only one place to sleep and therefore a fairly long third day. We then changed plans, but found ourselves at another campsite swarming with ticks. Back to the start.. Hey 😉 Luckily Koli NP has some more campsites in the Northern corner. Still great scenery. Hello doggie! Beach day! We passed by some old farm, since converted to guest house/cafetaria. Cool location for a guest house. Only four days after arrival, we had to leave again. A birthday party coming up and flights to Iceland.. so back to Helsinki we went.

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