Great Wall, Beijing, March 2016

This is the prequel to the previous post. I mentioned having visited China as part of the route towards New Zealand.
I can’t recall how long exactly this layover was but it must have been at least 12 hours looking at the timestamps.

We got there, noticed barely anyone spoke English but did know we could somehow get out of the airport during a layover. Not that we knew where to go.. And whoever spoke English at the tourist information center wasn’t working that day. Nonetheless, we got in a taxi towards the great wall. Two of us, the hobbit felt like sleeping. Truth be told, I was the only one who didn’t sleep that layover. My buddy fell asleep in the taxi. And this driver was a madman.

Great Engrish

A lot of yellow in the air that day – no clue what’s happening.

We were quite perplexed by the varying step height and the occasional extra height.

I like to believe he was casually walking his daily 500 miles. And we ended the day with some good ol’ Kerbal!

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