New Zealand Day 3 – Waitomo caves + Hobbiton – March 2016

After having visited some geological wonders .. we were off to more of the same. We took a French guy along for a bit. His name was probably Jean-Jacques or Bertrand.

Morning at the hostel – gave this Frenchie a ride

Random girls on the road

Actually, we also did a sort of cave walk/boattrip before, but I didn’t bring my camera. So that’s that.

Fantastic entrance to a cave

Evert capturing a presumably blurry photo

I believe this is how the early worm catches the fly

Below us, a floating tour

Some hobbit wanted to be pictured with the worms 🙂



Petteri found a friend. Forgot his name tho.

Followed by a quick trip by the recreated Hobbiton movie set. It’s very artifical and guided. Ah well.

Yeah. Small doors.

Oh hi there

And my interpretation of the Windows XP background.


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