Scandinavian trip – Sodankylä 1

It’s been about a month since the last update: my stay in national parks. This topic will be in two parts because I can’t choose very well. And I like people.

I hadn’t seen people in a while. Not people I know, or got to know, at least. The days spent in national parks were mostly by myself. No, I wasn’t the only visitor, but I wasn’t walking together with anyone else either.

Last year, I was introduced to the Midnight Sun Film Festival. When I say introduced, I hadn’t been there. Someone told me about the concept, which appealed to me:
A film festival which plays movies day and night in a place where day and night are barely distinguishable. A remote place. Somewhere you wouldn’t think of going under normal circumstances. (no offence, Sodankylänians)

Last April a friend asked if I was coming. I wasn’t too sure whether I could, work and all that. Maybe. But as with many things, actual planning never happened.
The timing of the trip was quite fortunate. I was able to visit the festival on my route.

When I arrived, I didn’t really have much of a clue of where to go to set up my camp nor how the festival works. The one phone number I had wasn’t responding. Hm. Hm.
I ran into some familiar faces. All was good.

Welcoming in Sodankyä

It didn’t take long before we got to the pier. I (and many, many more) would be spending a lot more time on this location during the length of the festival.

Owl and mischief

Liquid sunshine

During my stay I suppose I may have fallen in love with the never-ending light. As I was travelling Northwards it surprised me and I liked it, but here the night came alive.

First night in Sodankylä

First movie or one of my first.

I mentioned familiar faces? There’s a group of cool peeps under the name of Hippipakuperhe . They know how to roadtrip.




The largest venue of the festival: the circus tent. This baby is equipped with a lot of stuff, like an actual 70mm movie projector. Sodankylä does it all.. with style.

70mm circus tent

I’m actually not much of a movie buff. I’ve seen more movies during this festival than I usually do in.. two years? Mmmmh.. I’d never seen Vertigo. Great movie!

70mm Vertigo

I also didn’t know who Mike Leigh was. This is Mike Leigh. It’s not a very good portrait, but it’s him down there.

Mike Leigh

Elokuvateatteri Lapinsuu

Night two

Yes, these photos are all very close to midnight. Some of them edited to look darker, actually.




Camping life

France represent (shit, she’s Finnish, the invisible guy is French)


France represent (shit, she’s Finnish, the invisible guy is French)

The eternal camping fire. I’m sure it was lit for 5 days.

Almost-midnight camping life



Night three

Owl joined a few sessions

Beach elämä

Among the people I met was Lauri. Lauri lives on a boat he bought in a slight impulse and drove from Helsinki to Sodankylä on his motorcycle.
I offered him an apple. He really enjoyed my apple. We then hung out together.
The night I met him, I wanted to bail after 2AM. He kept me going another two movies until about 7AM, after which I spent some more time on the beach and slept by 9AM, I guess. Memory is hazy. This photo is that morning, I do know.
And even though the fire is invisible, it was ablaze.


One more for now.

Sodis life

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